Sculptures at Uffuzi
Sculptures at Uffuzi


It's busy in Florence...
It’s busy in Florence…
The River Arno from the Ponte Vecchio
The River Arno from the Ponte Vecchio
Team Saunders selfie...
Team Saunders selfie…



Sculptures at Uffuzi
Sculptures at Uffuzi

Well we have made it to Italy the land of good coffee, pasta, pizza and gelato! And we have all been sampling the local goods.. Shopping has been a huge focus too. Venice was as always an amazing place to visit and discover. We stopped at Pisa on our way to Tuscany. Today we made our way into Florence. In both places we have had a walking tour so that we are able to appreciate some of the history and stories behind to centuries old buildings and bridges we are looking at. Everyone has been impressed with the mosaic decorations of the churches and we have seen some incredible sculptures too.

Please read on to hear from the students…image

Italy adventures.. Venice

Too many pigeons

Venice was very very pretty, loved all the little laneways and shops, ate some delicious pizza and had way too much gelato. It’s a bit chilly at the moment but fingers crossed it’ll warm up soon enough! ~ Bayley and Jess

Yesterday I realised my haggling game is weak- Luke

Venice was an amazing city that lived up to all of my expectations. – Jarod

Venice is such a beautiful city, it lived way beyond my expectations. I loved all the shops and laneways going all around Venice. I had lots of pizza and way too much gelato but was worth it. I really would like to come back to Venice after finishing school, just AMAZING!!! ~ Chanelle xxx

Yeah Venice was pre schmick, took some mad photos and bought some fresh products from da stores, had a really nice sandwich and some delish spaget, hella sick love it – Nina and lochie xxxxx

First thoughts: ghost town. There was no one around when we arrived and it scared me just a little bit… But when we went into the main part of Venice it was beautiful. The food was amazing and the little gondola ride around the city was awesome sauce. I was almost eaten by a pigeons – Erin x

My first day in Italy and I’ve managed to eat pizza, pasta, and gelato, and all three were amazing :) Venice was definitely the most picturesque place we’ve visited, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the country – Maddie Powell

Venice was beautiful, a little colder than expected but was definitely made up for by the gondola ride, pasta, gelato and aesthetic scenery. Excited to see more – tash cullis xxx

Venice was awesome and so was the pizza and gelato, loved seeing the canals and their methods of travel. Keen to see more. Chad

Venice was absolutely amazing I loved the food the gondola and how pretty everything was, very colder than I thought but was very nice place miss u mummaaa xxxx kristy❤️

Hallo mama, Venice was not what I expected! The churches were amazing but I imagined something very different, still a beautiful city though. I’m very excited for Florence, the leaning tower of Pisa and the colosseum :) miss u heaps have fun in Bondi 😉❤️🌞-laura

Like England so much more, didn’t really like Venice except the gondola and the gelato, more excited for colosseum and Roma, can’t wait to get home miss you all love you , Rach xxxxxxx

Italy is absolutely beautiful and Venice was incredible. Our hotel was one of the best we have stayed at so far, and it was an fantastic experience to walk along the water eating delicious gelato. We are now traveling to Florence and I can’t wait to see the leaning tower of Pisa as well as the colosseum. Miss you all back home, love you see you soon -Zachary Salatnay

Venice was lovely, had the first of many Italian foods which were really good! The gondola ride was very relaxing and fun xxx excited for the next couple of days. Lots of love xxx – Mia

Venice was amazing!!! Definitely my favourite place so far! The city was gorgeous with many bridges and famous waters, the gondola ride is a must do! So much fun! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much Gelato in one day but it was so good! I’m really looking forward to the coming days and what they will bring!!!!!!! Miss you guys and love you lots! ~Jazz xxxxx

Venice was so absolutely beautiful – I took so many photos and I’m just so in love with the colours of the city and of Italy. The gondola with Tom was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. So much to walk around and see, my feet hurt but worth the gift shopping, sight seeing, and gelato eating. Unforgettable!!!!! – Rachel T

I’ve always wanted to go to Venice and it is now my favourite place so far! Absolutely beautiful and so amazing. The place is soo pretty, the people and language is awesome and the culture is gorgeous. The gondola ride was so beautiful and the pizza was yum. Love the colour of the water and the buildings. The masks were so awesome. Good on ya Venice, I’ll definitely be back xx loz

Italy is on my bucket list and yesterday I got to tick it off😀! Venice was absolutely beautiful, it now the place that we have been on the trip. The people and language is just gorgeous the fact that I’m in this amazing country is just breath taking, the Hotel were we stayed was Great! The best thing was the food! Best food I’ve had on the trip! Venice was just an amazing adventure😆

A beautiful place with beautiful food – Amy

Venice was absolutely beautiful. We went to this little Italian restaurant where we had homemade pizza. It was divine!!! Puts Dominos to shame!! We went on a gondola through the canals. It was so relaxing. The highlight of my trip!! – Alicia Waller

Venice is gorgeous, the streets are stunning and the gondola ride was just beautiful- Jamie xls. M


We have managed to see most of the main sights.. We’ve been busy!! Shopping, the Tower of London, some went to the London Eye, some returned to Oxford Street, all in all a great experience of England’s capital.

Some words from the kids…

Thoughts of London…

London was great! It is a busy city, similar to Sydney but with more history and sites to see – Mia

London was great! Lots of fun sites to see and very easy to get lost in! Heaps of cool history to see and the buildings are really nice! -Jazz

The big city had both its ups and downs. I loved the London eye, it’s been one of the highlights of the trip. Billy Elliot was amazing, so talented! But the city smells so bad and there’s rubbish everywhere!! – Alicia Waller

London is extremely crowded and hard to move around in without bumping into people. It was lots of fun and the shopping was pretty good as well. Billy Elliot was amazing and I really enjoyed it!!

London was absolutely brilliant- the sights we’re simply incredible and nothing like I’d ever seen before.
~z shill

London is a massive and busy city, but it was so much fun seeing lots of historical buildings and shopping down Oxford Street~ Alicia

Billy Elliot was so fun to watch, not bad for a first musical. The famous sights were cool too, it’s hard to comprehend we are in London. The history of all these places we are visiting is just incredible, and goes so far back. – Jamie xxx

London was absolutely amazing – I adored all the buildings and just the whole city. I’d love to come back here, I just love the feel and look of the city. Everywhere we went was so lovely, from Billy Elliot to the London Eye to merely shopping on Oxford Street. Loved it. – Rach Trim

London was nice and very busy. The London Eye and Billy Elliot were cool. – Tom

Schmick – Nina & lochie

London was pretty sick, the London eye was a great experience and billy Elliot was a great play 10/10 would do agen -kammy zutututu

Much British. Very cool. Wow. -Brendan ;)

London was a great place. So many things you can do and see, I enjoyed Billy Elliott, the London eye and all the shopping. I hope I can come back here one day for longer. – Ben

The London hostel was good because with all four bags on the floor we were able to see some carpet occasionally which was awesome with 4 boys :) other than that London was great! Can’t wait for Italy. The British museum was my favourite part of London and spent most time in the Americas section – Lachie h

London was super cool, I loved billy Elliot and the shopping can’t wait for Italy(((: Kristy

Helllooo mummy! Billy Elliot was so funny and well performed! London is alright really busy though. miss you heaps – laura xoxoxo

Don’t really like London it’s too busy, loved seeing the family and can’t wait to see them again , so excited for Italy , will send lots of photos! Love you guys lots and miss you . Rach Vescio xxxxxxxxx

London was awesome and I enjoyed Billy Elliot. Can’t wait for Italy should be dank. Chad

London was huge, crowded and really busy – really fun, but exhausting too! Seeing Billy Elliot was the highlight for sure. So excited for Italy and warm weather. – Maddie Powell

Loved London, such a beautiful city apart from the crowded underground and expensive stores! Billy Elliot and Oxford street were definitely highlights. Italy will be amazing – tash cullis

Fell in love with London. Even though the underground was violent, there are no ATM’s or bins, and expensive, it was an amazing part of the trip. So excited for Italy!!!! – M Papageorge

Billy Elliot exceeded my expectations, love the story. London was so great, love all the pretty architecture, the amazing sites and all the shops! The museum was so sick, the celts and the mummies were a fav. Cute town. Bye London! Loz x

London has been great! Billy Elliot and the British Museum definitely favourites although hotel was a let down, being woken up by a clock every hour was not fun. I’m sure I will come back soon. Looking forward to Italy!! – Annie

Not entirely sure what I expected when I came to London, but it turned out to be pretty awesome. Bins and bathrooms, however, decided to non-existent when I needed them the most… Billy Elliot was amazing! I loved it so much!!! Bring it on Italy :3 – Erin xx

It’s been such an amazing trip so far, can’t wait for Italy!! -Kate

London has been awesome, billy Elliot turned out better than what I thought It would be like. Jarod

London was great, albeit busy and heavily congested- pretty much the Sydney before Sydney. The sites were amazing and I enjoyed our trip here- Luke😝

London was great, have been so so lucky with the weather and had such a great time shopping on Oxford St. Watching Billy Elliot was a highlight and made the second night a fun night out. Although accommodation was a shocker, but the city lived up to its expectations and we would definitely come back in the near future! – Bayley and Jess

I’ve waited for years to see London and it definitely did not disappoint riding the London Eye was especially amazing not to mention seeing Billy Elliot in the country where it all started. Traveling around the UK was the best experience, and now we are traveling to Italy, seeing Rome will especially be incredible. Looking forward to seeing everyone back home when I get back, see you soon. – Zachary Salatnayimage image image


We have arrived in Britain’s capital! It’s busy, and the sun continues to shine on us. We enjoyed ice cream and a few rides on Brighton a Pier before venturing to the big city.We had a tour guide show us the key sites once image image image image image image image image image imagehere, a few photo opportunities, and spent some time at the British Museum.. We could have spent longer there. The Rosetta Stone was a key attraction, but we also had time to see some ancient Egyptian, Greek and other priceless antiquities. Last night we headed to Covent Garden Market (with the rest of London apparently) and had some time to wander the shops and stalls and have dinner. Right now we are at Buckingham Pakace watching the Changing of the Guards before we head to Oxford St. Tonight we are going to the theatre to see Billy Elliot.. We are busy, but loving it!

Thoughts on Bath, Stonehenge and Salisbury

Bath was just as beautiful as the rest of the other cities we’ve seen. It’s art, architecture and history was amazing and it was awesome staying in such a famous city. Stonehenge was pretty cool as well. How they got those big stones on top of massive rocks will still confuse me but the information behind them was interesting. Salisbury was a cute little town :3 – Erin x

Bath was wonderful and enjoyed watching all the buskers on the streets. Stonehenge wasn’t just “a bunch of rocks on a mound of grass” like my father told me… but rather mysterious and Salisbury was a thriving town with more beautiful scenery. – Annie xx

Bath is so far our favourite destination on the tour, fell in love with the old fashioned buildings, and loved all the delicious cafés, especially the best white chocolate mocha with whipped cream and chocolate chips… Will hopefully be coming back here after school finishes. Accommodation was pretty average but to even it out the shopping was amazing, spent way over budget but was worth it! – Bayley and Jess :)

Bath is amazing and I plan on coming back sometime in the near future. – Jarod

Bath was my favourite place so far along with York, the scenery was absolutely amazing.
My favourite part was visiting Stonehenge as I have wanted to go there for so long and it was AMAZING and exceeded my expectations by far.
The shopping Was amazing in Bath, Lots of shops to go to :) – Chanelle xx

Bath was really nice and the stone henge was pretty cool. The cathedral in Salisbury was amazing

Bath and York were both really nice and I especially enjoyed all the old buildings and I enjoyed it more than I expected. Stonehenge was also great and I enjoyed learning about it. Definitely plan on doing this again. -Ben

The art and architecture, along with the history is absolutely amazing. I will miss the beautiful cobbled streets, the markets and the castles. -Maddi papageorge xx

Bath was a really cool place and by the end of our stay there I knew my way around more than I do in Sydney. Stonehenge was awesome to finally see and I got a ballin’ jumper. Lachie H

Bath was awesome but I couldn’t find my way around because every street looked the same. Stonehenge was really interesting and it was good to hear all the different theories about it. Chad

Bath was very very pretty, I loved it :)))) stone hedge was very cool as well loved it xxxx Kristy

Mama I miss you so much but I’m loving all the culture and history! Bath was absolutely amazing and it fascinates me how the Romans built it. Stonehenge was also amazing and it was nice to see it in real life after learning about it!! Love you lots 😍 laura b

Having the best time , love and miss you all heaps and can’t wait to see you eggs, lots of love rach xxxxxx😍😈😋😋😋

Bath is incredible, I could really picture myself living there one day – so much art, literature, good food, history and especially Jane Austen 😍 Stonehenge was a definite highlight, it was awesome getting a sense of scale and learning about the history. – Maddie Powell

Bath was absolutely beautiful, one of my favourites by far with its amazing history and architecture. Salisbury was so cute and would love to further explore! Tash c

Bath was awesome. Great insight to history. Romans are sick. The water tasted like blood. Good stuff. Loz

Bath was incredible, absolutely incredible. The Roman Baths were fantastic and Stone henge was really cool too. ~ Z.Shill

Bath was a very relaxing city, with interesting history and gorgeous architecture – Mia

I loved bath! I absolutely adored seeing the years of history that was there in the Roman baths, gorgeous sites and amazing places!!! ~ Jazz

image image imageimage image image image image image image image image imageWe have had beautiful weather during our time in Bath. The Roman Baths were very interesting with much to see, and the Fashion Museum allowed some of us to play dress ups! The town itself provided a chance to shop and walk through the old streets. Everyone is enjoying the scenery and time to explore. Today we are at Stonehenge and then to Salisbury. Tonight we will be in Brighton!


Alton Towers was great fun, we were very lucky with the weather! Loved the soccer match, had a great atmosphere and were so lucky to have had the opportunity to watch! Loved Shakespeare’s house, a bit sick of the long bus rides though! Having a great time – Bayley and Jess

Pretty cool rides- Brendan and Jarod

Alton towers was awesome, a great day spent with friends. The soccer (football) game has been the highlight of my trip. The atmosphere was electric and I found myself cheering a lot. – Alicia

Alton towers was so much fun!!! I loved all of the rides and everyone there was so nice!!! The Manchester game was amazing, my favourite part of the trip so far I loved the atmosphere and the game was awesome! – Jazz

Alton towers was really fun, it was a very beautiful theme park with lots of gardens and ponds. The Manchester game was amazing, the atmosphere was incredible and our seats were awesome!! – Mia

Alton towers was awesome!!!!! The game was awesome!!!!! Both definite highlights of the tour :) -Melissa

Hello to everyone back home. We had a fantastic day yesterday at Alton Towers there were no lines for any of the rides and it was a beautiful day, we also all had a great time at the Manchester United game, it was the best, a really awesome day. -Zack Salatnay

Alton towers was awesome!!! The game was so much fun and the atmosphere was amazing – Rylie :)

Hey mum, Alton towers was hectic and super fun, the rides were really scary and very fast. The game was a once in a lifetime experience and I’m so happy I got to witness it. -kamran 💯

Yeah dude alton towers was that good, even went on a scary ride lol but the game was a really good experience as well, really grateful to have had the opportunity to do this ☺️💃🏽 – Nina

Alton towers and the game were definite highlights of the tour. It was an amazing day and the vibes were fab. Really grateful. – maddy papageorge

Alton was so good we were late and had to pay the pound! Game was super cool, so lucky to be here :)) – Tash

Alton towers was amazing, dad would love the roller coasters! The Man U game was a definite highlight, there’s nothing like live sport and the crowd was incredible. – Maddie Powell

Alton towers and the game were the best , best day of the trip yet. Lots of pretty German boys 🙈🙊 miss you .. Rach xxx

Alton towers is the best theme park in the world! The game was a massive highlight, besides the fact I lost my voice. Miss you so much. So excited for bath and the history :)) – Laura xx

Alton towers was the by far funnest day besides having massive headache and sore glands, the soccer was such a good atmosphere and the crowd and cheering was all fun. Very excited for bath and London and Italy. Miss u mumma xxx Kristyyyy

Alton towers was real good and the football was the best thing ever and I can’t wait to get home and brag about it. Weathers been really good and warm and everything has been chill. – Tom

I went on so many rollercoasters yesterday, so much excitement and thrill and stomach drops and laughing! Our day at Alton towers was so so fun, and the Manchester United game was so exciting. Didn’t think I’d be so into it! Such a fun day, still v sick and voice is barely there – my singing sounds great. -Rach T xx

We went on as many rollercoasters as possible yesterday and there were no lines at the park as it was a school day so we were able to walk right on. Glory, glory Man Utd. – Lachie H

Alton towers was one of the best theme parks I’ve been on besides a bee landing on me in the midst of the first vertical drop rollercoaster, making it even more of a thrill. Seeing Manchester United at Old Trafford is a once in a lifetime experience! Amazing day. -Josh R

Awesome going to Alton Towers especially with no crowds and going on all the rollercoasters. The Manchester game was very exciting and had a great atmosphere, it was good seeing all the players live. Chad

Alton towers was seriously one of the best theme parks I’ve been to. No lines and a variety of rides made it a day full awesomeness experiences and I’m pretty sure I’ve come to know what drugs feel like thanks to a single ride. Watching Manchester vs Ipswich was also pretty hectic. The atmosphere was so intense! – Erin x

Alton towers was heaps of fun, best rides, such thrill. The game yesterday was one of the greatest experiences ever. The enthusiasm of the supporters was both exciting and hilarious. You go Manchester. Lozzzaaa xx

The Manchester game and Alton towers were both great experiences and I definitely plan on doing them both again. Ben

Both Alton Towers and the game were great! Definitely worth a trip back. Shoutout to my bro for making it to Charles Stuart Uni!!!! – Annie

Couldn’t have spent my birthday in a better place with such amazing people. Once in a lifetime experience I’ll never forget. Miss everyone back at home xx

Alton Towers was so beautiful and it made me feel like a little kid again! The Manchester Game was a really enjoyable experience for it being my first sports game, The day with Both trips was a very eventful and great experience and it was a great day!!! 😊🙈 miss everyone xxxxx

A piece of the NY World Trade Centre at the Imperial War Museum
A piece of the NY World Trade Centre at the Imperial War Museum
Imperial War Museum, both fun and fascinating
Imperial War Museum, both fun and fascinating 

image image image image