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Cultural Tourists soaking up Venice

Cultural Tour – Jeselo, Venice
Jeselo was very nice and Venice was amazing I got to go in a gondola its was so cool 🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤 Italy is so much fun 

Emily O’Neill 
The gondola was amazing, definitely the best experience. Venice is so beautiful with all the colourful buildings and aqua coloured water. Although I lost my pandora bracelet, Venice definitely will be a place I go back to. The pizza was delicious. 

Tayla Williams 
I fell in love with Venice before I even got off the boat, with the clear blue waters and buildings that were in sight. We spent the day walking around exploring the alley ways and back streets of Venice which were set out like a maze and made up of cute shops and yummy food places. all the girls went and bought matching striped tops to wear together, and Emily became our gondola rider. This was one of the best days and I’m excited to see the rest of Italy


jade Conaty 
The London tube is a horrifying place!

Taryn Jones & Maddy Witt
I just wish time went slower. We’ve been visiting amazing places. Each place we visit is unique and has its own beauty, it is incredible how this trip has made us all closer and more mature. The world is definitely full of amazing little corners waiting to be discovered and I’m truly grateful that I have been given the opportunity to visit some of this places with my friends.

York, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bath, Brighton, London, Venice, all this places are now memories and experiences for each one of us.

So far Italy has been sooo amazing ! Yesterday we explored the gorgeous city of Venice, which contained many historic buildings. The canals were beautiful and we even got a chance to go on a gondola ride, which was also super amazing. The pizza, gelato and cannoli in Venice were so incredibly delicious. Although the shopping was a bit pricy, I still managed to get a fridge magnet for 1 euro. So exited to keep exploring this gorgeous country. 

London was such a wonderful place and it was such a shame to go after I really started to love it but Italy has a completely different charm to it; different culture, landscape, language etc. Venice has been amazing and I can’t wait to see the rest of Italy! 

Although it was sad to see London go, Italy so far has been spectacular. Unfortunately, you apparently can’t learn an entire language in a two hour plane trip and a day in Jesolo and Venice, but that’s okay. Aspects of it are similar to Spanish, which, fortunately, is a language I know a bit about. Learning of the culture and lifestyle whilst exploring the sights has been incredible, and I even learned quite a bit from the man who took Aleisha, Joanna, Ellen and I on a Gondola ride in Venice. Anticipating what else this country has to offer!

Tara Lyall
Italy what a vibrant place, it’s such a spectacular city. Yesterday we got the day to explore the city of Venice and that was a experience in itself. It was so nice to see how a city goes about life for example they don’t have cars or buses to get around. Whilst exploring yesterday I got the chance to have a ride in two gondola rides which was fantastic. I can’t wait to see what else Italy has to offer. See you guys on the flip side bye! 

Aleisha Shih  
First full day in Italy was pretty, well, full. The first place we visited in this great country is Venice. Which was beautiful. All the buildings were ancient yet in immaculate condition, the streets were thin and windy (it was difficult to NOT get lost in them). One street you could be swamped by people and smells of food, while in the next you could be in absolute silence, it was nice to explore the streets and try the food (which was great if not a little pricy at some stores) can’t wait to tell you all about it! 

Callum Blackall
Hey fam, things are going pretty swell. Venice was pretty nice, with plenty of places to get lost in. Missing y’all heaps.

Blake Hastings
Venice is such a spectacular place. From gondolas roaming the canals, to the narrow, winding streets; it was hard to not get lost while taking in the city’s beauty.

Joshua Hughes.

Venice is gorgeous as you walk back into the past and see the live streets. It was really nice to know that the traditional Venetians have kept the generations of gondolas alive. Surrounded by water the city is picturesque.

I would love to come back one day.

Keanna Mauch
Venice was easily one of my favourite places I have ever been! The small canals, the hundreds of bridges and the colourful old buildings fill the city with a distinct charm! It was quite hard to after exploring to find our way back to the main square to meet the group as the winding streets all looked the same! Exploring Venice was made so exciting by going on a gondola ride which was an unforgettable experience! I’m Having the best time in Italy keen to explore Florence and continue eating immense and extreme quantities of gelato, pizza and 

pasta! Lots of love 

Joanna Drewe

Courtney Campbell
Venice was incredible! We went on gondolas, which was sooooo fun. Our gondola driver’s name was Andreas, he was really nice. We asked him to sing so he sung an Italian song to us. When the ride was over we asked for a little longer on the gondola so he gave us 5 extra minutes because we had good personalities. We had pizza for lunch and it was delicious oh my lord I’ve never had such good pizza in my life!

Jasmine Williams 
Venice was so good I had lots of fun on a gondola, when I’m older I wanna move to Venice and be a gondolier. I love Italy a lot. 

Chloe Hickson 
Italy is gorgeous, the colourful buildings and bright atmosphere added to the overall experience. We got stuck in the backstreets, filled with cute shops around every corner which created a fun and scary maze! We took a Gondola ride through the canals which was incredible, by far my favourite part. We definitely knew we were in Italy when we had our first real gelato at 10am. Definitely looking forward to seeing the rest of Italy. 

Tahlia Frost

Cultural Tourists hit London, via Salisbury and Brighton

Cultural Tour – Brighton and London
Brighton was the best hostel we have stayed in by far! The room were enormous and each room had their own bathroom. Right next door was Brighton pier which was amazing the rides were so fun and I almost broke my neck on the Cha-Cha. Some of the rides were closed but we convinced the workers to open them. The Dodgem cars were my favourite but I got two bruises from running into people, one of them being a cranky man who death stared me every time I drove past him.

Jasmine Williams 

Brighton was picture perfect and it was such a shame that we were unable to stay for longer. The pier, the water, the rides, the rooms, the fire works and the food was amazing. We moved onto London and saw the big attractions including: The London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower of London, London eye and we took the Underground (tubes). Was a great 3 days in London, and now onto Italy!!! 

Tahlia Frost 
Brighton was buckets of fun, we stayed at a really nice hostel it even had a bath!!!!! I went on all of the rides it was the best day ever 

Chloe Hickson
Brighton pier was the most fun I’ve ever had in my whole life we went on so many rides our hostel was huge and so cool 

Emily O’Neill 
Brighton and London have been the best !!!! We got to the pier in the afternoon and went on rides till 8.30 that night despite the rain and weather changes. The hostel we were staying at was the nicest thing ever the room was hugeeee so all the girls went back and ate fish and chips together. the past few days in London have been so good, I’m sad to leave and I’ll definitely be coming back. We have seen Big Ben, Motown the musical , Buckingham palace and been on the London eye. Loving every day of this trip and I never want to leave !! 

jade Conaty 
Brighton was so fun and we all had a blast on the rides on the pier and London has been amazing with us riding the London eye and watching the changing of the guards at Buckingham palace. Sightseeing has been fun in London and I really enjoyed the globe theatre. We also went to an art museum and it gave me flash backs to MOMA NY with very strange artwork. 

Taryn Jones 
Brighton was amazing especially the pier looking out on to the water, my pictures turned out amazing, looking like a painting. The hotel was lovely and was the best so far. Seeing London and experiencing the rushing underground railways were extremely fun and scary as every time the doors open we ran for our lives. I can’t wait to come back to London, sad to leave but smiling to see what Italy has in store. 

Brighton and London are both pretty swell spots. Brighton is a beach town, with a massive pier and plenty of shopping. London had a real swing to it, the train ( the tube) was real sweet. We saw a musical called Motown, which had a real kick to it. Leaving for Italy as I write this, missing everyone!

Blake Hastings 
Brighton and London were amazing. Brighton was a loud place with energetic and party keen people with plenty of shops and stuff to do. London has such an amazing character, the tube, the historical places and the shops were all great and so much fun to explore. The musical Motown was amazing and was a show of amazing talent and organisation. Heading to the airport now to go Italy…talk to everyone soon!! 

I definitely know I’m coming back here one day. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more at home in a foreign country before. Brighton was incredible! The way the sun reflected off the water in the pier like a distorted mirror was amazing, and the rides were quite enjoyable. Poor Sangmo lost her complimentary ice cream from the teachers to a monstrous gull who quite literally swooped in and took it whole before she even got a lick. And London! I’m certain that one day, I’m going back to stay for a few months or so. There’s so much to do and it didn’t take long at all for the city to feel natural. The Motown musical was phenomenal! The actors and actresses sung and acted their hearts out. During the day however, I even got to wander off with Ellen to 221B Baker Street to view the home of Sherlock Holmes. I’m a bit nerdy like that. Excited for Italy! Gotta watch out for my purse though, don’t particularly feel like being pick pocketed. Talk to you soon!

Tara Lyall
Alright my future is now been planned and I’m moving to the U.K. The time we’ve spent in the U.K has been fantastic, I’ve loved every moment and place we’ve been too. So just to give you guys a quick recap. We’ve been to Brighton and spent one night there and the accommodation was lovely the best so far. Brighton is such a beautiful place, it sort of reminded me of home. The lace was just so photogenic. And the pier was breathe taking and the rides were good fun as well. After only having one night there we moved on to London were we’ve been for three nights and it definitely lived up to my expectations of what the place was like. London was so welcoming and beautiful. Everywhere we went I enjoyed and have many memories. Anyways now we’re on our way to do the Europe leg of the trip and can’t wait for Italy. See you all on the flip side bye. 

Aleisha Shih